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Michael Nash

They're Dropping Bombs Not Ham Sandwiches by Michael Nash They're Dropping Bombs Not Ham Sandwiches
A play by Michael Nash
Červená Barva Press, 2009

Michael Nash, originally from Hampshire, has written several works for the stage including ‘Public Heroes Private Friends,’ and ‘Signs of Fire,’ a musical about the last year in the life of Van Gogh. Nash has been employed as a writer, a teacher of Drama and English, a publisher, and all around artist. His interests include cooking, computing, and travel, especially to Turkey and Istanbul, where Nash received a degree from Istanbul University. Involved in over twenty stage productions, onstage and off, Nash has been an active participant appearing in both amateur and professional productions including ‘Under Milkwood,’ ‘A Man for All Seasons,’ and ‘The Pajama Game.’ ‘They’re Dropping Bombs Not Ham Sandwiches’ takes place in a hospital corridor and is a dialogue between a WWII veteran and a young man embroiled in the troubles of Northern Ireland. This is Nash’s tenth completed work for the stage. Michael Nash currently resides in Middlesbrough.

They’re Dropping Bombs Not Ham Sandwiches, set not so very long ago, between a World War II veteran and a youth caught up in the troubles of Northern Ireland. The play takes place in a hospital corridor and the story illustrates the Second World War through flashbacks.

It is a heart-rending awareness of World War II as seen through the eyes of an elderly hospital patient in 1989. His recollections are shared with a youth who is, as the play eventually reveals, a victim of a terrorist bomb attack in Northern Ireland. Scenes from the war years are illustrated by poetry, dialogue, and action in fantasy sequences, and enacted by the two central characters and three of the hospital staff.

$14.00 | ISBN: 978-0-578-00416-7 | 90 Pages | In Stock


Michael M. Naydan

Two Colors of the Soul: The Selected Poetry of Dmytro Pavlychko, Edited and with an introduction by Michael M. Naydan Two Colors of the Soul: The Selected Poetry of Dmytro Pavlychko
Edited and with an introduction by Michael M. Naydan
Červená Barva Press, 2012

Cover Art: “Two” by Olha Fedoruk

Translated from the Ukrainian by Svitlana Bednazh, Gladys Evans, Michael M. Naydan, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Mary Skrypnyk, Aliona Sydorenko, Martha B. Trofimenko, and Walter May.

Dmytro Pavlychko has been an editor, translator, literary critic, film scriptwriter, ambassador, and pro-democracy political figure. He was born in 1929 in a rural village close to the Carpathian Mountains. In 1944-5 he was imprisoned at the age of 15 by the Soviets on fabricated charges for alleged activities on behalf of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. He has published twenty collections of poetry, as well as several books of poetry translations and literary criticism. Many of his poems have been set to music and turned into songs, with ones such as “Two Colors” becoming national classics known by Ukrainians virtually everywhere. In 1977 Pavlychko received the Shevchenko Prize, the most prestigious literary award in Ukraine. Pavlychko served as ambassador to Slovakia from 1995-1998 and later to Poland from 1999-2002. He was elected a member of the Ukrainian parliament in 2005. He has received the designation of Hero of Ukraine from the Ukrainian government as well as honorary doctorates from Lviv National University and Warsaw University.

He continues to reside in the capital city of Kyiv and remains active in public life. Two Colors of the Soul: The Selected Poetry of Dmytro Pavlychko is his first book of poetry translated and published into English. From the Introduction: DMYTRO PAVLYCHKO: POET AND STATESMAN by Michael M. Naydan

In the tradition of poet-statesmen Neruda and Seferis, Pavlychko writes about his twin passions, love and history. Courageous, direct, and plain-spoken, he has long deserved a place on the international literary stage and Michael Naydan’s skillfully edited selections should confirm it.
—Askold Melnyczuk, award-winning novelist, author and editor

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$17.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9883713-0-9 | 90 Pages | Temporarily out of stock


Stanley Nelson

City of the Sun poems by Stanley Nelson
Presa :S: Press, 2008

"One of the most innovative poets of our time. In the realm of experimental visual form, Nelson is a worthy successor to Appollinaire and Cummings, and he is unique in his major music."
—Small Press Review

"Stanley Nelson was born to write long poems. He has the control and the unflagging inspiration needed. Nelson blends poetic and prose rhythms wih ease, and works on many levels at once."
—Home Planet News

$15.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9800081-2-8 | 126 Pages | 3 copies
Limbos For Amplified Harpsichord by Stanley Nelson

Stanley Nelson may be the best poet you've never heard of.
--Alan Catlin

Here is a poet who crosses the line without fear of label. His experimental writings and verse lend freely to all areas of literature. Nelson is a writer whose rapture is deeply embedded in his craft.
--Rattlesnake Review

$17.95 | 144 Pages | In Stock: 3
PRE-SOCRATIC POINTS & Other New Poems by Stanley Nelson

This is the most radical opening up of poetic form since Walt Whitman's Leaves Of Grass. Stanley Nelson is one of those who defines an age, not only for his contemporaries, but for posterity.
--Guy Gauthier


$15.00 | ISBN 0-9772524-4-2 | 83 Pages | In Stock:


F. A. Nettlebeck

LAP GUN CUT by John M. Bennett & F. A. Nettelbeck LAP GUN CUT
by John M. Bennett & F. A. Nettelbeck
Luna Bisonte Prods, 2006

LAP GUN CUT - A long collaborative poem by Bennett and "Bug Death" author F. A. Nettelbeck. Like nothing you've ever read.


$7.00 | ISBN: 1892280507 | 14 Pages | In Stock: 1


Tam Lin Neville

Triage by Tam Lin Neville Triage by Tam Lin Neville
Červená Barva Press, 2010

Tam Lin Neville lives and writes in Somerville, MA. Journey Cake, her previous poetry collection, was published by BkMk Press (University of Missouri, Kansas City). She has received a Somerville Arts Council grant. Her poems have appeared in Harvard Review, Mademoiselle, American Poetry Review, Ironwood and Sulfur, among others. With her husband, Bert Stern, she co-edits Off The Grid Press, a press for poets over sixty. She also works for Changing Lives Through Literature, an alternative sentencing program.

Tam Lin Neville’s new book, Triage, reminds us that our cherished notions of freedom, happiness and plenty actually conceal large communities of entrapment, misery and poverty where many are simply left to die – triaged, if you will – in front of our eyes. An observant neighbor, a journalist, and above all, a poet of great skill and heart, Neville speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. Few poets writing today have the patience and talent to guide us toward such a civilizing compassion.
—Roger Mitchell

Behind this remarkable book is a mind that has long contemplated the humanity of those she meets every day – neighbor, stranger, friend. Yet she speaks from a respectful distance and this enables her to write poems with no self-interest, only clear sight and generosity. Her language is spare, stripped of all aesthetic preening, creating a poetry that is both accurate and visionary.
—Betsy Sholl

Triage is a tough, uncompromising book, but one that’s also big-hearted, despite the sorrow so evident in the title and in many of the individual poems. Written with great economy and precision, the lyric here is not merely a display of skill, but a form of wisdom literature, a site map to help us navigate these difficult times. I hear the voices of Dickinson and Niedecker – stern mentors, indeed. In Neville’s poems their legacies are gracefully and fearlessly served.
—David Wojahn

Just wanted to tell you how much I like your book, Triage. I read it through twice, both times with deep appreciation for the attention your poems demanded, for all their seeming simplicity, and with deep interest in their subject matter. I'm full of admiration and even soul expansion from the achievement of the poems. How spare you are in descriptions of human beings and their plights, how delicately you give us scenes, characters, trajectories of lives that I, for one, have always wanted to turn away from to avoid the deep disturbance I've felt. I love how you order the poems. The book reads like a story. I love your internal rhymes, a soothing, lullaby quality in some of them. I am thrilled at how you ended the book, which lifts it high toward hopefulness in a thin gruel world. Good for you, Tam. Good for us. I hope your publisher enters your book in various contests for 2020 books. Integrity — that's the word I want. Trustworthiness. Not always apparent in poetry. I am nourished by it.
—Sondra Zeidenstein Editor, Chicory Blue Press

$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9844732-3-6 | 51 Pages | In Stock


Martina Reisz Newberry

After The EARTHQUAKE Poems 1996-2006 by Martina Reisz Newberry After The Earthquake
Poems 1996-2006 by Martina Reisz Newberry
Xlibris, 2007

Martina Reisz Newberry is the author of NOT UNTRUE & NOT UNKIND (Arabesques Press, 2005), and RUNNING LIKE A WOMAN WITH HER HAIR ON FIRE: COLLECTED POEMS (Red Hen Press, 2004). She is also the author of LIMA BEANS and CITY CHICKEN: MEMORIES OF THE OPEN HEARTH (E. P. Dutton and Co, 1989).

Martina Reisz Newberry embodies a comelling story telling style reminiscent of Robert Frost, the enigmatic brilliance of Emily Dickinson and the working class insights of the great singer-poet John Prine.
—Saul Landau, author of The Business of America and My Dad Was Not Hamlet

$15.00 | ISBN: 978-1-4257-5096-1 | 158 Pages | 3 Signed Copies (Hardcover)
Hunger by Martina Reisz Newberry Hunger by Martina Reisz Newberry
Xlibris, 2007

Martina Newberry’s most recent book, HUNGER, is daring, complex, and, at the same time, accessible. Found here is dreaming, abstraction, grief, joy, sexuality, humor, chagrin, anger and guilt. Newberry’s voice haunts us with her (and our) perplexity in living in a world that wants to be good, but is slaked by miscommunication, lies, war, and abuse of each other. This book is an achievement in skill, perception, and spirit.

David Fraser has called Martina Newberry's poetry, a "lyrical enlightening read full of candid obsevation, pathos and vitality." Saul Landau says that Newberry's work, "brings readers to mysterious and perilous emotional places." This compilation exhibits all those qualities in each poem, revealing a fresh and stirring experience with rhythm, form, language and feeling.

$12.95 | ISBN: 978-1-4257-8440-9 | 110 Pages | 3 Signed Copies (Softcover)
Late Night Radio by Martina Reisz Newberry Late Night Radio by Martina Reisz Newberry
Dog Ear Publishing, 2010

If the press covered events—oil spills, crop circles, fashion—the way Martina Reisz Newberry makes poems of them we'd build bonfires all over America and zanily chant, Oh what crackpots we are! And if we talked to each other the way she talks to us we'd speak with the wisdom of three-hundred-year-old children. Late Night Radio is fun—and then you realize you've acquired a new lexicon of insights.
—Djelloul Marbrook, auhtor of Far from Algiers

$12.95 | ISBN: 978-160844-759-6 | 70 Pages | 3 Signed Copies (Softcover)
Running Like A Woman With Her Hair On Fire by Martina Reisz Newberry Running Like A Woman With Her Hair On Fire
by Martina Reisz Newberry
Red Hen Press, 2005

Martina Newberry's Running Like a Woman With Her Hair on Fire explores the coincident power and vulnerability of the human relationship to its surroundings. Here are poems about nurturing and mourning, lovers, children, friends, relatives—the significant minutiae that forms the ordinary world. Those who people these poems are real; they remember, expect, love, hate, cry, laugh, lose, and sometimes win. Not champions—not outlaws—they relentlessly pursue meaning and reality against the background of a world that often betrays them. These are stories of common experience. There is humor, impertinence, irony, passion and assurance that comes from a well-forged identity and the firm belief that what should happen, will happen. Consistent in tone, precise in language, Martina Newberry's voice introduces private and public thoughts and conversations about thing that matter. Without whining, without belligerence, this poetry lives with us rather than outside of us, celebrates our willingness to move on and keep moving on regardless of ease, tragedy or victory. In Her Journey from the Clinic, Newberry says,

"There was an ache,
a discomfort in my chest
which I recognized as
accountability and reconciliation.
And there was, ahead of us,
a bible of new things
to be and do and bow to."

In her new collection of poems, Martina Newberry accepts and celebrates our willingness to accept the ever-changing, daily bibles that come to us—bibles of "new things to be and do and bow to."

$12.95 | ISBN: 1-59709-015-8 | 70 Pages | 3 Signed Copies (Softcover)
What We Can't Forgive Poems by Martina Reisz Newberry What We Can't Forgive
Poems by Martina Reisz Newberry
Infinity Publishing, 2011

Martina Newberry's "What We Can't Forgive" is a richly textured collection of poems defining the incongruent regions of the heart— new life breathed into each of them by the music of imagination. With her unique combination of accessibility and lyric song, Martina Newberry is an articulate storyteller and the holder of a precarious, hard-won wisdom. She speaks to us of connections and disconnections, relationships built and relationships broken, frozen moments, childhood remembrances, the yearning for love and the pain of loss, the dreams of which our lives are made and the demons that keep us from sleep.

$9.95 | ISBN: 978-0-7414-6524-5 | 67 Pages | 3 Signed Copies (Softcover)


Alfred Nicol

The Powow River Anthology The Powow River Anthology edited by Alfred Nicol
Ocean Publishing, 2006

Introduction by X. J. Kennedy

Poets included: David Berman, Patricia Callan, Michael Cantor, Bill Coyle, Robert Crawford, Rhina Espaillat, Lois Frankenberger, Midge Goldberg, A. M. Juster, Merrill Kaitz, Don Kimball, Elaine Kimball, Len Krisak, Michele Levitt, Nancy Bailey Miller, James Najarian, Mildred Nash, Karen Nelson, Alfed Nicol, Brian T. O'Brien, Greg Perry, Jose Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, Deborah Warren, Richard Wollman

$14.95 | ISBN: 0-9767291-5-6 | 138 Pages | In Stock: 3
Winter Light Poems by Alfred Nicol Winter Light Poems by Alfred Nicol
The University of Evansville Press, Hardback Edition

Recipient of the 2004 Richard Wilbur Award

Excerpts: ...poems in this collection burn with cool radiance.
--Jay Parini

The energy of youth, the wisdom of maturity: what poet could long for a better combination, the one thing this terrific book epitomizes?
--Sydney Lea

It is tempting to describe Alfed Nicol as a "poets poet," because he uses language with a grace so effortless that it creates the illusion of having arranged itself, by itself. But Nicol is much more than a poet's poet; he is also a reader's poet, and his work, though dazzling, is not intended to simply dazzle but to convey, with charm and profundity, the experiences of our common life....
--Rhina P. Espaillat

$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-930982-58 | Pages | In Stock: 3
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