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Bones for the Homeless
by Judy Jones

Judy Jones is an artist, photographer, poet, and librettist; having won Brava for Women in the Arts contest, with an opera libretto based on the life of painter Frida Kahlo. She wrote for the Coronado Journal Newspaper as she traveled around the world doing volunteer work with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charaties and while on The Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament.

Bones for the Homeless, Judy's first spoken word CD, recorded by Ray Charles and Curtis Ohlson, includes many of the poems in her poetry book by the same name.

$14.99 | Audio CD | In Stock: 3
Exorcism by Larissa Shmailo
CD, 2008

Exorcism, Larissa Shmailo's second poetry CD, displays the remarkable range and electrifying vitality that have won her admirers worldwide. Following the release of The No-Net World, Larissa Shmailo returns to her deepest poetic origins, and from there, reveals an ascendancy that will mystify and astound.


$12.99 | ISBN 0-935060-07-3 | In Stock: 4 copies
The No-Net World by Larissa Shmailo The No-Net World
by Larissa Shmailo


Listening to poet and translator Larissa Shmailo’s latest spoken word CD is almost like attending eighteen short plays in the span of forty minutes. Like the best plays, each poem tells a compelling story of human struggle... Like the best plays, her poems also crackle with breathtaking language, which in the true tradition of the tragedies of which she speaks almost sound as if they could be sung (indeed, in some cases they almost are). Shmailo’s expert understanding of the close relationship between poetry and drama, music and language, and the primal human need to just hear a really, really good story make The No-Net World a truly unique contribution to twenty-first century American poetry, and a CD worth listening to frequently and carefully.

“How My Family Survived the Camps,” [IS] the strongest, the most important poem here, and one which clearly is based on personal (or at least familial) experience, and one which carries great emotional power. In it she describes the combination of luck and ingenuity that enabled her family to survive the Holocaust.

Intense and poignant.

$11.99 | Audio CD | In Stock: 1

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