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Jüri Talveta

YET, LOVE, ILLUMINE US and Other Poems by Jüri Talvet
Červená Barva Press, 2019

Since the start of the 21st century, Jüri Talvet (born in 1945 in Pärnu) has emerged as one of the internationally best-known Estonian poets and essay writers. Book-length selections of his poetry have appeared in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian and Catalan. Yet, Love, Illumine Us, and Other Poems is Talvet’s third poetry book in English translation, following Estonian Elegy (2008) and Of Snow, of Soul (2010), both published by Guernica (Toronto). Talvet has chaired World / Comparative Literature at the University of Tartu since 1992 and is elected member of Academia Europaea (2016).

H. L. Hix's recent books include a poetry collection, Rain Inscription (Etruscan Press, 2017), an essay collection, Demonstrategy (Etruscan Press, 2019), and an art/poetry anthology, Ley Lines (Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 2014). His previous collaborations with Jüri Talvet include a selection of poems by the Estonian poet Juhan Liiv, Snow Drifts, I Sing (Guernica Editions, 2013), and anthologies of contemporary Estonian poetry: Vello ceo nórdico. Poesia estonia contemporánea (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2002) and On the Way Home. An Anthology of Contemporary Estonian Poetry (Sarup & Sons, 2006).

From the introduction...
As, according to Aristotle, philosophy begins in wonder, so too do Talvet's poems. But Talvet's is not a youthful, naïve wonder. Instead, it is the wonder that Elias Canetti speaks of in this way: "The real creator gets bolder with age…. [T]he more one has experienced, the more there is to be astonished by. Our capacity for wonder grows with experience, becomes more urgent." The poems in Yet, Love, Illumine Us are bold in proportion to the urgency and maturity of their astonishment, the capaciousness of their wonder.
—H. L. Hix

Cover image by Laura Talvet

$17.00 | ISBN:978-1-950063-01-7 | 103 Pages


Ioan Tepelea

A Settlement of Words Poems by Ioan Tepelea A Settlement of Words Poems by Ioan Tepelea
Translated from Romanian by Flavia Cosma
Červená Barva Press, 2009

Ioan Tepelea was born in Oradea, Romania on June 3, 1949. He graduated with a PhD in History and Philosophy at the University of Cluj, Romania. Since 1989 he distinguished himself as one of the most important animators of literary and scientific activities in Romania. A University Professor, Mr. Tepelea is the president of ASLA (Arts, Literature and Sciences Academy, Oradea, Romania). He is also the Editor en Chief of prestigious literary magazines such as Unu, Aurora and Altheia. Mr. Tepelea authored fourteen poetry collections, both in Romanian and bilingual editions. His work is represented in numerous anthologies in various countries and languages. Ioan Tepelea is a member of The Writers Union of Romania.

From the introduction:
Ioan Tepelea's intimate connection with the surrounding reality is characterized by a fabulous openness toward the universe. In his interior poetic space the entire universe is brought forth in all its wealth, in its most insignificant details, like a miraculous fairy tale Prince Charming.
Tepelea's poetry bears witness to a prolonged practice of cohabitation between the poet and these living creatures that are the words, establishing strong chemical and alchemical ties between the creator and his work...
Ion Popescu-Bradiceni

$7.00 | 24 Pages | In Stock


Susan Tepper

Confess by Susan Tepper Confess by Susan Tepper
Červená Barva Press, 2020

Susan Tepper grew up amidst the dairy farms and wild strawberry fields of Long Island, when it was still a mystical finger in the water. A multitude of careers that include actress, singer, flight attendant, airline marketing manager, Cable TV producer, overseas tour guide, interior decorator, rescue worker and more have informed her poetry and fiction. An award-winning author, Tepper lives with her husband in the New York area. For more information please visit www.susantepper.com

"In the poems comprising her newest collection, Susan Tepper is elegiac and lyrical (...a lake I carry on my back/one of stillness), often contemplating winter and its darkness with the necessary intervention of birds, foods and the mysteries of human relationships—your arms hold secrets. And now and then a tough humor shines a light as well (Bury me in a giant keg—I'm lonely.) One feels her physical and inner landscape acutely, and one has to confess that here's a poet who really knows, to the bone, how breathing in the stories is done to the benefit of us all."
—Tim Suermondt, author of Josephine Baker Swimming Pool

"There is an extreme sense of intimacy in the poems of Susan Tepper. You can literally feel on the scrim of your skin her engagement with her senses—the natural order of things. She is no ham-fisted poet, but brings a subtle, dark beauty, like a trail of deep, deep blue. She is in constant conversation with the world, and only a poet who is deeply in tune to herself, and the signs the universe sends us, can bring this accomplished work to the plate."
—Doug Holder/Ibbetson Street Press/ Lecturer in Creative Writing, Endicott College

"Susan Tepper's book of poetry, CONFESS, is a handful of pearls in a hand extended as a gift bearing opalescent light, specks of muted colors, sometimes questioning who we are in shaping our destiny, and what escapes from our dark corners, as in her poem "Course": ...the heart meets itself, blankly, hears its name in the crumpled page... In "Egg," a beam creaks, mindful in the quiet of the passage of time. There still exists in "Part & Parcel" Two suitcases, side by side / Have yet to be unpacked, and in "Each Sky" Tepper plucks from the ever changing sky her keen perception of what is a visual poem."
—Judith Lawrence, Lilly Press, editor/publisher

At The Inkwell Review by Matthew Hamilton

$8.00 | ISBN: 978-1-950063-38-3 | 21 Pages
Valentine Day Massacre Edited by Susan Tepper Valentine Day Massacre Edited by Susan Tepper
Červená Barva Press, 2011

Fictionaut Authors' Valentine Day Massacre Challenge

Because I am a fool for love, I couldn't resist starting a Valentine Day Massacre challenge at Fictionaut. The result, as you see, is a complex assortment of printed goodies (white, milk, and dark chocolate) dedicated to valentines everywhere.
—Susan Tepper

Stories & Poems by:
Doug Bond, Angela Brett, Estelle Bruno, Sheldon Lee Compton, Sara T. Einhorn, David Erlewine, Susan Gibb, Frank Hinton, Matt Kang, Dorothee Lang, Ryan McDermott, John Minichillo, Kevin Paul Myrick, Nora Nadjarian, Ajay Nair, Gabriel Orgrease, Derek Osborne, Meg Pokrass, Sam Rasnake, Beate Sigriddaughter, Marcus Speh, Paul Steven Stone, Miles Tepper, Susan Tepper, xTx

February 11, 2011, Fictionaut blog:

$7.00 | 49 Pages | In Stock
What May Have Been Letters of Jackson Pollock & Dori G by Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe What May Have Been: Letters of Jackson Pollock & Dori G
by Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe
Červená Barva Press, 2010

What May Have Been is a novel in letters exchanged between the artist Jackson Pollock and his fictional lover, a young woman called Dori G.

Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe have created a sexy and luminous love story that takes place sometime during the late 1940's, in that sandy wonderland at the eastern tip of Long Island known as The Hamptons.

Advance Praise for What May Have Been

"In this extraordinary novel, Pollock tells his lover that things like paint and wives are very small in the scheme of things. Gary Percesepe and Susan Tepper show how the great scheme of things is, in fact, in literary art, captured in paint and wives and a Montauk surf and a silky scarf and narrow hips and a cold water flat and a used Ford. Brilliantly conceived, brilliantly executed, this is a stunning book about art and about life."
—Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of
A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

"The fictional letters between Pollock and an imaginary Dori G come out in a hailstorm of paint flecks, lockets, long looks, kisses, blowing sand. Dori sees Jackson in his distance and his nearing, and his return to her like the visit of one of the Greek gods to his mortal lover, as piercing and as fatal."
—Mary Grimm, author of Left to Themselves and Stealing Time

"How to convey the irresistible pleasures of this novel in letters? The language mimics the slashing, dramatic immediate heroic gestures of abstract expressionism, is an extraordinary act of poetic invention, and tells a sexy and doomed love story."
—James Robison, author of The Illustrator and Rumors

"These two fervent voices exude the splendor and gloom of adulterous love."
—Mark Wisniewski, author of Confessions of a Polish Used Car Salesman

Reviews, Articles, and Interviews

April 18, 2011: Connotation Press
Book Review & Interview with Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe

April 11, 2011: WJFF Radio Interview with Susan Tepper


Issue #50 - March 18, 2011 Dan's Papers
By The Book
by Joan Baum

March Minis
What May Have Been: Letters of Jackson Pollock & Dori G (Červená Barva Press), a slim paperback collaboration that grew out of e-mails between two writers who met on the social media site Fictionaut, describes an imaginary love affair carried on mostly by letters (sometimes only a line to a page) between the famous artist and a highly neurotic, self-centered young girl, 17. "Your legs are like white asparagus stalks," Pollock writes when he first sees her in a supermarket amid fruit. Though she says he's "old, old, old,"…
Gary Percesepe writes Dori's letters, Susan Tepper, Jackson's.

Desert News And Telegraph: http://desertnewsandtelegraph.blogspot.com/

January 26, 2011: Listen to Susan Tepper's interview on the Trevor Joe Lennon Radio Show


January 19, 2011: Susan Tepper Radio Spot on Trevor Joe Lennon Show

January 15, 2011: Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

What May Have Been: An Interview with Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe by Steve Almond September 25, 2010: http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/

"An Appreciation of What May Have Been" by James Robison:

Fictionaut Blog. September 3, 2010:

Daily s-Press. September 6, 2010: http://dailyspress.blogspot.com/

goodreads: goodreads

$15.00 | ISBN 978-0-9844732-8-1 | 104 Pages
DEER & Other Stories by Susan Tepper DEER & Other Stories by Susan Tepper
Wilderness House Press, 2009

Susan Tepper grew up on Long Island where many of the stories in DEER take place. Prior to settling down and studying writing at NYU and New School University, Susan Tepper was an actress, flight attendant, marketing manager, television producer, bank teller, interior decorator, travel agent, singer, tour director and rescue worker. The late David Kozubei (founder of David's books in Ann Arbor) once told her that she has lived the writer's life.

Nothing is off-limits in Susan Tepper's stories, yet not a single sentence feels gratuitous. Each of the tales that make up DEER exists as it's own world, endowed with so potent a presence that one feels one has witnessed a truth unfold in the reading. Gladly our minds stretch wide to catch her fictions and weave them into our reality.
-Eric Darton, Free City

In her debut story collection DEER, Susan Tepper takes us into the forest of her imagination, shining a light on a pack of off-kilter characters caught in unusual and compelling circumstances. Tepper is one of the most original voices in fiction I've heard in quite a while. While reading her loopy-beautiful dark narratives, I was reminded of the first time I read Denis Johnson. Yes, she's that good. This is a writer to watch!
-Jamie Cat Callan, The Writer's Toolbox & French Woman Don't Sleep Alone

Susan Tepper creates brilliant, quirky, unpredictable worlds in her story collection DEER. Whether set in the Italian countryside, a post-modern house in the Hamptons, or backstage at a community theatre, they teeter between the familiar and the extreme, the peculiar and the poignant, and her characters, brimming as they are with eccentricities, never let us forgot how deeply human they are at their core.
-Ellen Litman, The Last Chicken in America

$14.00 | ISBN: 978-0-578-02479-0 | 100 Pages | In Stock
Blue Edge chapbook Blue Edge by Susan Tepper
Červená Barva Press-2006

Susan Tepper's poetry is honest, filled with original insights that enrich the reader. Her lyrics are taut and moving, a joy to read. She is to be welcomed among the most accomplished poets writing today.
Simon Perchik

The collection has an elegant focus and hush around it...
Timothy Donnelly, Boston Review

Susan Tepper is a poet of quiet grace yet insistent power, who steals your mind's focus in odd moments long after you've laid down her book.
Don Williams, Editor, New Millennium Writings & Syndicated Columnist

Susan Tepper...on the page, shimmers through everyday thoughts, bringing life to streams and smoke and snow. Her gentle vision beautifully informs her well-crafted poems in "Blue Edge."
Suzi Winson, Fish Drum

Readers of Grasslimb will be familiar with Susan Tepper's fine poetry... We can enthusiastically recommend this fine further exploration of her work.
Valerie Polichar, Grasslimb

Susan's poetry is in touch with the human race... reaps with the knowledge of a poet well versed.
Shirley Gerald Ware, Fresh! Literary Magazine

$6.00 | 30 Pages | In Stock
No One is Safe by Susan Tepper No One is Safe
by Susan Tepper
Červená Barva Press, 2007

Susan Tepper, a three-time Pushcart Nominee, writes poetry, fiction and essays. Her work has appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Green Mountains Review, Boston Review, Salt Hill, New Millennium Writings, Snake Nation Press, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Wilderness House Literary Review, Grasslimb, Pavement Saw and Poesia.

In 2006, Červená Barva Press published her poetry collection "Blue Edge." Two of her novels are currently making the publishing rounds.

Sassy, sensitive, and suspenseful, Susan Tepper's No One Is Safe is something you must read.
-Laurie Graff author, You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs and Looking For Mr. Goodfrog

"No One is Safe" is a haunting story that taps into the core of our fears. Susan Tepper has masterfully shown us what happens when one's security and freedom are taken away."
Ellen Litman, author "The Last Chicken in America"

Read it online now!


Elaine Terranova

Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke’s Duino Elegies by Elaine Terranova Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke’s Duino Elegies by Elaine Terranova
Červená Barva Press, 2010

Elaine Terranova is the author of four collections of poems, Not To, New and Selected Poems (Sheep Meadow Press, 2006) which was a runner-up for the Poetry Society's William Carlos Williams Award, The Dog's Heart (Orchises Press, 2002), Damages (Copper Canyon Press, 1996), and The Cult of the Right Hand, winner of the 1990 Walt Whitman Award (Doubleday, 1991) and an earlier chapbook, Toward Morning/Swimmers (Hollow Spring Press, 1980), Her poems have appeared in magazines including The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Cincinnati Review, Ploughshares, Boulevard, and Pleiades, and in these and other anthologies, A Gift of Tongues, Blood to Remember: American Poets write about the Holocaust, A Cadence of Hooves, and Riffing on Strings. Her work has been part of The Poetry Society's Poetry in Motion project. Her translation of Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis appeared in the Penn Greek Drama Series (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998). She has received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, a National Endowment in the Arts Fellowship in Literature, and two Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants. She won the Anna Davidson Rosenberg competition in 1992 and has been Banister Writer in Residence at Sweet Briar College and a Fellow at Bread Loaf. She is a writing specialist at the Community College of Philadelphia and a faculty member of the Rutgers, Camden, MFA Program in Creative Writing.

"I've long admired Elaine Terranova's poetry and Elegiac is another first-rate collection. Taking Rilke's Duino Elegies as a starting point, these "footnotes" to the older poet's work are technically sophisticated and sonically lovely. They're also deeply moving, meditating on mortality, God, and the constantly vanishing past, retrievable only through the vagaries of memory or the creative imagination. These are beautiful, impressionistic poems distinguished especially for their shifting, subtle intelligence and their emotional force."
—Kevin Prufer, author of National Anthem

November 6, 2010
Review by Irene Koronas:

$7.00 | 34 Pages | In Stock


Marjorie Tesser

The MOM EGG Hatching Babes and Art The MOM EGG Hatching Babes and Art
Alana Ruben Free and Marjorie Tesser, Editors

The Mom Egg is an anthology of poetry, prose, and lyrics by Moms.

The MOM EGG was created as a place for Moms who may prefer the page to the stage: another vehicle to get Moms seen and heard.
Alana Ruben Free and Majorie Tessor, Editors

$12.00 | ISBN: 1-59971-907-x | 99 Pages | In Stock: 3


Ben Tibbs

POEMS by Ben Tibbs

I appreciate the poems for new images, new sounds, new wits, the reality & illusion, play on words, secret sorrows, melodies, serenades all good, substantial & yet poetic - they float your phrases & cling to memory as all good vintage does.
--Anais Nin

Publishers note (excerpt)
Ten years after the death of Ben Tibbs, his work has a timeless, contemporary feel…He published 16 collections of poetry, an autobiography, and 4 collections of cartoons during his life, over a thirty year period. All were small press editions. He designed the first cover for Charles Bukowski's first book, as well as for many other small press books and magazines.

$6.00 | 39 Pages | In Stock: 3


Esther Triess

Naiad's Lantern Naiad's Lantern by Esther Triess
Mothwing Press, 2003

This collection is a sisterhood of arresting imagery, that traverses the ethereal landscape of nature and puts us in intimate contact with her crowning mysteries.
Doug Holder/Dianne Robitaille of Ibbetson Street Press

This collection is enchanting and inviting from the beginning, connecting the human spirit to nature in ways that challenge my imagination. A pleasure.
Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, Publisher, The Aurorean

$10.00 | ISBN: 0-9724528-0-x | 48 Pages | In Stock: 4

Ateet Tuli

Posture by Ateet Tuli Posture by Ateet Tuli
Červená Barva Press, 2012

Winner of the 2011 Červená Barva Press Fiction Contest
Judge: Catherine Sasanov

Ateet Tuli lives and works in New York City.
Cover art by Ateet Tuli.

Fortune Teller

Perfume bomb whose silk surface protects a silver subcutaneous and is surrounded by parchment, you draw me close with evocations of mother preparing Dal for the week. The remembered architecture of you below cinnamon, against cardamom, below lime draws me so close I overlook your anger, which makes me cry.

You are capable of destruction, of warping a weft of garlic and chilies. I could cool you, put you in the fridge till you cannot overwhelm me. I could heat you, sweat you till natural sugar caramelizes and you can tell me nothing. I could hurt you also, dear onion. A mutual respect actualized as we grasp each other.

Pulled from a womb of dirt, you also have roots in ancient Asia. In eating you, I eat my relatives; their ashes fed your ancestry where they were spread. The dance of eating and burning you within my own burning body fertilizes the future, when in turn I will feed your children.

I dissect you, your rings akin to those of a tree, until I reach and consume your center. Its delicate youth lingers on my breath and is a flashlight for my tongue.

$7.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9883713-3-0 | 22 Pages | In Stock
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